Chopin, Frederic – Traditinal Polish Dances – Zespol Polski


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Chopin, Frederic ( 1810 – 1849 )

Traditional Polish Dances

Polish folk music was an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Chopin.Zespol Polski performs in period instruments using in its world premiere recording the suka an 18th cen. stringed instrument.Their preformance displays an extraordinary virtuosity and combines delicate compound rhythms and Polish lyricism, Discover these popular dances with the lively polka the swirling oberek and of course Chopin’s favorite, the Mazurka.

Zespol Polski

Maria Pomianowska, chant, suka

Maria Krupowics, chant

Marta Stanislawski, tympanon

Pawel Iwaszkiewics, flute

Jedrzej Czarnecki, bass

Piotr Glinski, percussion

1999 total time 52:38