Coolen, Saskia – A Breath of new life – Patrick Ayrton – Rainer Zipperling


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A Breath of New Life

Dutch Baroque music performed on origanl Dutch 18th Century records from private collections

Wassenaer, Unico Wilhelm

  • Sonata seconda in g

Hacquert, Carolus

  • Suite 10 in a

Fesch, Willem de

  • Sonata no.3 in c

Bustijn, Pieter

  • Suite 8 in A
  • Short pieces from the Bolhuis collection

Schenck, Johan

  • Suite in d

Hacquart, Philippus

  • Prelude in a

Nozeman, Jacobus

  • Sonata in a op.1

Saskia Coolen, recorder, viola da gamba

Patrick Ayrton, harpsichord

Rainer Zipperling, viola da gamba