Handel, George Frideric – Amor Oriental – Ensembles L’Arte del Mondo Pera


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Handel, Geroge Frideric ( 1685 – 1759 )

Handel alla turca – Amor Oriental

Amor Oriental is many things in one: a modern Handel pasticcio, a combination of European classical music and Oriental Sufi tradition, and last but not least an out-of-the-ordinary fairy tale with a happy ending, All captures in an exiting live recording og a concert given in the Philharmonie in Berlin.Featuring some of the best-loves Handel arias such as Piangero, Ombra mai fum Ah crudel and No,no ch’io non in an oriental guise.

A remarkably lively and colourful reading of Handel’s music. ( Berliner Zeitung )

Huanita Lascarro, Ahmet Ozhan, Flrin Ouatu, Pera Ensemble, Ensemble L’Arte del Mondon, Werner Ehrhardt