Telemann, Georg Philipp – Chamber music with Flute – Hazelzet – Linden – Junghanel – Ogg


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Telemann, Georg Philipp ( 1681 – 1767 )

Chamber music with Flute

  • Capriccio in G major for Flute and B.C.
  • Concerto no.11 in G minor for Harpsichord , Flute, Violincello and Lute
  • Dolce in G major for Flute and Violincello
  • Largo e misurato in E minor for Flute and Violincello
  • Concerto no.6 in A minor for Harpsichord, Flute , Violincello and Lute
  • Fantasia III in B minor for Flute
  • Solo in B minor doe Flute and B.C.
  • Fantasia X in F sharp minor for Flute
  • Sinfonia a la Francoise in B minor for Flute and B.C.
  • Gayment in B minor for Flute and B.C,
  • Concerto no.5 in B minor for Harpsichord, Flute and Violincello

Wilbert Hazelzet, traverso

Japp ter Linden, violincello

Konrad Junghanel, lute

Jacques Ogg, harpsichord